My photographs and videos speak the language of the mind, looking at new realities and new horizons. I grasp the permanence of the fleeting moment, posited on lapses of time. LCD lights ripple along translucent materials acting as changing prisms, decomposing light into millions of colors formed by quirks of the camera sensor, reconstructing and building a fictional parallel universe. All my work is done by the light itself, and is barely retouched, I only make corrections in exposure or brightness without altering the true colors formed by the light itself, and this is where its true power resides.

The videos are captured at the exact moment light is making contact with the material world, witnessing its journey and the amazing shapes light forms. I compose music for these videos so the viewer can be immersed in a new reality letting the mind expand with the endless possibilities light and sound can produce.

I see my images like a resemblance of the journey any human experiences. Light is confronted in a fluent ride from the eternal source, being exposed to change through various materials to arrive at last at the final destination, the everlasting presence: the eye of the beholder, awakening human awareness.

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