Based in Berlin, I am a contemporary figurative painter, who creates mixedmedia paintings with a penchant for bright colors, geometric shapes, and street-art forms. My work explores the relationship between cultural plurality and a recycling of pop-culture, by layering different motifs from Science Fiction film stills and quotations from an art historical background, like Constructivism, Post-painterly-abstraction and Photorealism.

The main characteristic of my paintings is the idea of sampling. The layering of pictures from various sources interprets the structure of perception in the digital age.

Starscapes and Clouds are a great source of inspiration for me and sometimes my landscapes are like cinematic sceneries. My subject matter speaks of the imagery of futuristic science and technology, which we have only become familiar with from the advances of satellites, cameras and moreover in cinematography and computer-generated-images. I see painting as the screen between the mental and the materialized zone and I like to construct landscapes as a fantastical narrative, in which the simultaneity of Romanticism and Utopia become perceptible.

Next to working with spray cans, I am adapting traditional techniques, like Tempera- and Glaze painting to an almost personal style. Glaze painting is a method borrowed from Renaissance artists, who applied glazes to paintings to reproduce the luster of fabrics and the temperatur of skin.

In many steps, tensions grow between the illusion of reality and the representation of, for e.g., the bodily skin of a painted tree. Maybe it is for that reason that I am so interested in Birch trees.

I am fascinated by the bark that sometimes appears like a silken skin; it is especially the process of peeling and the contrast between the black and white stains that inspires my work. In Russia, birch trees symbolize the idea of virginal beauty, eternal youth and purity.

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