Dreams of modernity, new series of works developed in the studio of the city of Miami. The focus of my research point has been exploring urban morphologies, zenith views and the relationship between man and city. 

For the realization of this series of works, I use photographs as a base for the composition of the work, images of buildings, modern architecture, aerial photos and highways, icons of modernity of a lost past.

The purpose of this work is to highlight the connections between what we were, what we are and what we want to be, the endless search of utopia.

I seek to show in my work through the idea of reflective materials where the viewer awakened by flashes of lights from a long sleep that holds us back and keeps us in the past, and continues to see their reflection.

The intention of drawing lines that evoke cities and architectural forms is to show that from the ruins or decay can always emerge a better future, hope, the quest for modernity.

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