A great space is a conduit of culture, the essence of culture is art.

Our team, was established in 2003 to create inspiring and distinctive art collections in collaboration with living design firms, architects, contractors and development managers, to allow for a cohesive and powerful relationship between art and design. 

Our projects include hospitality, retail, luxury condominium developments and corporate collections worldwide. It is our intention to produce art collections that ignite an emotional response and transcend time.

We work closely with the client who might be an individual buying or commissioning a work for their home or a design professional such as an architect or designer who is sourcing work on behalf of his client.

Our exhibition programme together with thirteen years of experience means that we have many artists ‘on our books’ but sometimes we need to search for the right artist for a particular project, for example an artist who works in a specific material.

We consider the individual environment, its function and purpose, and decide if work should be commissioned art or purchased art. We offer access to work in diverse media which can be placed as a site specific commission or as existing work.

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