Through most of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, the Pandemic has had a profound effect on the normal rhythms of our lives. 

Almost all of life’s social and cultural interactions “out in the world” came to a complete halt. 

In the art world, museums closed and galleries held openings online and virtually. 

Yet, for the artists themselves, this tended to have a counterintuitive silver lining. With most of life’s usual distractions and obligations on hold, time in the studio for art making increased dramatically. It has allowed artists to stretch in new directions and dive more deeply into their process and practice.

Surfing offers an exciting sampling of work produced in and around this time. Many of the artists in this exhibition continue to experiment and probe the expressive possibilities of the materials with which they are working, creating works that in some instances inspire meditative reflection, and in others utilize reflective materials to inspire movement and interactivity.

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